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Details of our 2020 grants are announced

Sunday, 6 February 2022

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Following a meeting of our Trustees, The Society Foundation has awarded the following grants using the money supplied by Society Ltd and Society US Inc at the end of 2020…

…$3,854 USD to Witness to Mass Incarceration in New York. Witness places formerly incarcerated women and LGBTQ+ people at the forefront of the movement to end mass incarceration, restore safety, dignity and respect in correctional facilities, and reduce barriers to successful re-entry. This grant will help WITNESS to create ‘The Map’ – a network of services and businesses led by formerly incarcerated people (FIPs). This will enable the recently released to identify viable apprenticeships and job opportunities.

…£234 GBP to CARAS in South West London. CARAS (Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) is a community outreach charity that supports refugees and asylum seekers. We funded them in 2019 to purchase two laptops and the associated IT set-up so that they could enhance the digital literacy skills, and thus the employability, of hundreds of young people in the years to come. This was a ‘top-up’ grant.

…£234 GBP to Carney's Community in Wandsworth, South London. Carney’s works to improve the social mobility of disadvantaged youths through mentoring schemes. We funded them in 2019 to send their Chief Executive on a training course at the CASS Business School. This was a ‘top-up’ grant.

…£234 GBP to Circle Collective in East London. Circle transforms the lives of disadvantaged youths in East London by empowering them with employability skills and hands-on work experience. We funded them in 2019 to purchase video cameras, SD Cards, tripods, digital monitors, and wall brackets so that they could enhance their mock interview training programme. This was a ‘top-up’ grant.

…£234 GBP to Faithworks Wessex in Dorset. Faithworks Wessex partners with churches and community groups in Dorset to help families in crisis rebuild their lives. We funded them in 2019 to purchase carpentry and IT tools to improve their skills training workshop capabilities. This was a ‘top-up’ grant.

…£234 GBP to Enterprise Homes Group in Wolverhampton. Enterprise Homes supports homeless individuals in Wolverhampton by providing accommodation services and training in personal presentation and employability skills. We funded them in 2019 to support the partitioning and optimisation of their office space, allowing them to create more efficient training areas. This was a ‘top-up’ grant.

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